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Harmonics Indicator - Joicy

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Re: Harmonics Indicator - Joicy

Postby papynou34 » Tue Jan 10, 2017 1:49 pm

MarkJoy wrote:Hi evgeniyn,

Thank you for reporting this.
The file .dll is pr0tected from reverse engineering using vmpr0tect . This causes false positive report with antivirus software. I am contacting Bitdefender to get it solved.
If it's not, I may have to find another way to pr0tect the code.

Are you able to use the old version?

@admin: Is there any reason the word pr0tect or vmpr0tect are flagged as spam message?

I am trying to use the old version.
When do you think, the new one is available.
Thanks a lot for your indicator.
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Re: Harmonics Indicator - Joicy

Postby MarkJoy » Thu Feb 16, 2017 2:29 pm

Hello Evgeniyn and all,

After a very long time of development, the new version of Harmonic Joicy is available now.

Now you are able to select pattern result to see other information. And you can watch other Symbols and Timeframes in Joicy Panel.

Turn on CC to see descriptions.
Select pattern result: 2:18
Watch other Symbols and TimeFrames: 3:30


Mark Joy
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