Noob - First MA Strategy and a lot of questions

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Noob - First MA Strategy and a lot of questions

Postby Spinshot2k » Wed Aug 14, 2019 2:36 pm

Hey guys!

Im new to lua and to programming strategies and i think there are a lot of things i still dont get in my head.

I started over to build a simple MA Robot. After some freakouts it works in the backtest. But in connection with programming this simple thing i have some questions:

- My biggest problem in this simple first project was to find out that I need a specific parameter (in this case: variable.DATA) I did not find ".DATA" in the docs. Is there a specific list or is it a classic lua thing? I mean, if I dont know that something exists, how can I acknowledge, that I have to use it :D ?

- I read all the stuff that is suggested on the SDK page. Is it usefull to go through several lua only tutorials to learn what to do?

- Do I understand it correctly? Is lua in general the same as in connection with fxcm or are there differences?

Thx and sorry for maybe stupid questions
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