Can the 'Streams' be made transparent.

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Re: Can the 'Streams' be made transparent.

Postby Coondawg71 » Thu Jan 30, 2014 1:06 pm

Please help me understand the purpose of this indicator. I have placed the indicator in the price chart with blue and yellow as color choice for a 4 hour price bar as the Source. Obviously, color changes halfway through the time frame I have selected by changing the Source, so two hours in this particular case. But what determines the PLACEMENT of the Channel indicator??? Why the gaps in between? I have also placed a 4 hour price bar on the chart just for the sake of seeing what the 4 hour time frame is doing.

I would find this indicator useful if we had the option of selecting the time frame highlighted like the Breakout indicator offers. Also, the time frame selected by user could be colored with bullish or bearish coloration determined by the period open vs period close price differential.

Such as:

Highlight London opening of 03:00 AM EST to 04:00 AM EST with green if 4am time closes Higher than 3am time Opening price.


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Re: Can the 'Streams' be made transparent.

Postby Apprentice » Sat Feb 01, 2014 2:31 pm

This indicator (coding example), do not have practical value to trader.
Its purpose is to present a transparent overlay, and coding option.
It have two states, remainder of the division of Period by 10 is equal to 0 or 1
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