New on the forum? Introduce yourself here. Please before posting anything DO READ the set of Forum Rules.

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No matter how detailed the rules will be, you can never cover it all. So please just use your common sense as well.

PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT: This is a forum for professionals and we do not support none-professional conduct. Any open rudeness and disrespectful sayings toward other forum members will not be tolerated.

LANGUAGE: Please keep your language clean. Topics containing any racial slurs, cursing, and other things of sorts will be deleted immediately. Being polite can go a long way.

STAYING ON TOPIC: To make moderators job easier, please post to appropriate forum sections. Its also best way to get a response to your question.

SPAMMING: We ask to please not spam the forum, we wish to keep it "user-friendly" for all people in our community. Any type of repetetive posting of 'anything' will be considered spamming. Multiple posts of same message is also considered spamming.

ADVERTISNG: We do not allow any kind of advertising on our forums. Topics with advertising companies or products will be deleted.

ILLICIT MATERIAS: Any posting of Porn, Pirated Software, CD-Keys, Cracks, and all things of such nature, will get get user a IMMEDIATE AND PERMANENT BAN.

PERSONAL INFO IN PUBLIC POSTS: Please dont post any personal information in open posts. If you start getting weird calls at 3AM in the morning because you posted your phone number, we canont be held responsible for that.

OFFERS OF COMMERCIAL SERVICES: We do not allow offers of commercial services or commercial services advertising on this forum at this time.

If something is not listed here specifically, and you need to know the policy/rule on something specific - just ask one of the moderators.

VIOLATORS: Depending on how severe the violation is, user can get a polite warning or a life-time ban.

(These rules are subject to change. Keep referring to this post for most current rules.)


Q: I'm posting to the forum but my posts appear much later, sometimes even next day, why?
A: All posts made by newly registered users have to be approved by moderators, so your posts will not appear immediately.

Q: Indicators on this forum are free?
A: All indicators are open-source and under general public license.

Q: I need a very complicated indicator developed for private use, can i request that here?
A: Yes, but development of private products is a commercial service and this development will not be free of charge.

Q: I have a indicator from another trading system and i want to convert it, can people here do that?
A: Yes, just post specifications of the indicator and we will convert it for you, if functionality of indicator in question is possible on MarketScope at this time. New indicator and source code will be posted for free download for open public.

(F.A.Q to be continued.)
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