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Overlay Request

Postby jrichardson83 » Sat Oct 06, 2018 12:45 am


I want to request an candle overlay based off the following two indicators.

Non-Standard Timeframe MACD
Slow Stochastic

The conditions are based on just two conditions:

1. Price enters Overbought or Oversold territory on SSD = Neutral Overlay Color

2a/b After SSD Overbought: First MACD Histogram bar that prints BELOW the Previous High and All subsequent candlesticks = SELL Overlay.

For example, the MACD Histogram on 05.16.17 closed at 0.01049 then on 05.19.17 closed at 0.01016.

New Overlay.png

The conditions for the BUY overlay are the same. THE SSD must FIRST enter oversold conditions at which time all bars will have a Neutral overlay. Once the MACD histogram closes ABOVE the LOWEST low on the MACD the candlesticks will have a BUY overlay.

So, basically the overlays only change when the SSD first enters into either Overbought or Oversold conditions (Neutral) and then when the MACD Histogram closes below the most recent MACD High or above the most recent MACD Low the color changes from Neutral to either SELL or BUY.

If the SSD exits from Oversold or Overbought territory, but the MACD doesn't print a lower high or higher low, than the previous overlay pattern should continue.
Non-standard time Time Frame MACD.lua
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Re: Overlay Request

Postby Apprentice » Sat Oct 06, 2018 11:44 am

I have this for now.

Can you provide more info.
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