Register my changes of indicators

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Register my changes of indicators

Postby gilda22 » Fri Oct 12, 2018 4:53 am

Hello and thank you Apprentice for all that you put on the different sites
Me I have a simple request but that poses me problem
Register my changes of indicators

I want to record a different color with a size different from an existing indicator on the base MT4 TDI SAR MM etc ...... ..
For example the TDI on my graphs I want it with the green line to 5 the red line to 4 and find each time I open my platform always these same indications It becomes my default indicator with these values
For Ichimokou I would like to keep only the chinkou.

I do not save it every time I have to submit the values ​​5 4 What should I do to have these indicators with my criteria ???

Thank you if you can help me
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