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Re: MTF Moving Average Cross Over

PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2019 7:26 am
by susan61
Apprentice wrote:Please reinstall ZigZag with Fibonacci.minifire18.lua (it
contains the fixes).
We split all the options to buy-sell

Hi Apprentice have deleted old zigzag fibonacci minifire18 and reinstalled new one today but still getting same error codes. Am I right in thinking you are going to copy the code into separate buy and sell strategies? As new strategy format don’t have the stochastic K line crosses D line which is essential part to strategy. And could add another timeframe and name it Advance all same features and options as highest, mid and lowest. If we can have option to able and disable the advance timeframe so sorry for the confusion and bad explanation on my part, I did try to insert new code to ordinal separate buy and sell strategy


Re: MTF Moving Average Cross Over

PostPosted: Sat Feb 02, 2019 9:34 am
by Apprentice
Can't repeat the error. Could you pleasae send the backtester project
which demonstrates the issue to my email

We added "allow side" option to open buy/sell/both positions.
The user can run two instances of the strategy with allow side = buy
and sell

Re: MTF Moving Average Cross Over

PostPosted: Mon Feb 04, 2019 7:46 am
by Apprentice
Try this version.
ZigZag with Fibonacci Strategy.susan61.lua
(114.46 KiB) Downloaded 209 times

For a future reference, I suggest an agile approach, adding more minor changes.
Not waterfall approach, do all at once.
Especially important for strategies with many rules.

Re: MTF Moving Average Cross Over

PostPosted: Wed Feb 06, 2019 7:38 am
by susan61
Hi Apprentice, strategy looks great and again sorry for my poor explanation, screenshot the way forward. Noticed on the back tester was getting signals at the tops and bottoms just before price done a reversal is possible add to the stops and limit and breakeven if these additions can be made as at present don’t know what t-frame the ATR relates to, and add the Fibonacci Levels relevant to current price at time, being able to use ATR & Fibonacci mix and match and able to have different time periods for both Stop Loss& Take Profit having the look forward option stop getting signals before the reversal would benefit this strategy and others to manage the trades.I created a parameter box how should look like hope you can add this

Look forward = Min pts required for TP when using ATR ,Fibonacci extensions
Look forward = Max pts allowed for SL when using ATR ,Fibonacci
Exit trade in profit when signal created signs of sideways/reversal early breakeven warning
Add t-frame to Limit order
Add t-frame to Stop order

Look Forward for TP&SL
The idea behind the check and look forward is to prevent getting signals when to close to our TP when using Zigzag Fibonacci for EG: If we required 60pts and signal was created but using the check & look forward our TP Zigzag Fibonacci was only 35pts NO SIGNAL WOULD BE CREATED the Stop loss would simply work using ATR or Zigzag Fibonacci NO SIGNAL WOUL D BE CREATED if trade required more than pts allocated for the strategy
This action can only be used if using ATR or ZigZag Fibonacci, TP & SL

Look forward @ Take Profit Commands
if Take Profit timeframe ZigZag Fibonacci @ % more than 50pts create signal then allow to trade less than 50pts no signal to be created or trade to open (be able to adjust pips needed)
Look forward @ Stop Loss Commands
if Stop Loss timeframe ATR x @ multiple more than 40pts no signal to be created and no trade to open if less than 40pts create signal allow to trade (be able to adjust pips risking)
Breakeven is defined when price reverse and closed against EMA
Paremeter box
For trades in a short position close above EMA
For trades in a long position close below EMA
Stop Order
To have its own t-frame to calculate ATR, Fibonacci and Fibonacci Extensions

Limit Order
To have its own t-frame to calculate ATR, Fibonacci and Fibonacci Extensions

Thank you

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Re: MTF Moving Average Cross Over

PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2019 6:58 am
by susan61
Hi Apprentice, not getting any signals when forward testing. when on backtester most of the currency pairs will show signals but no trades will open, have got some data on
US30 ,FTSE & GER 30
The strategy should have created a sell signal yesterday 7.2.19 around 10.20 no signal created so waited and backtested on 8.2.19 and signal was created on backtest it did get in 1 hour later can you look into this
ps: i can email you the back project and live screen shots