Order2Go Hotfix Aug, 08 2011

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Order2Go Hotfix Aug, 08 2011

Postby sunshine » Mon Aug 08, 2011 9:42 am

There are the following issues in the latest release of Order2Go (01.07.070811):

  1. An issue with CFDs trading on UK accounts. Sometimes you get the error "The command is disabled" when trying to create an order for CFD. The problem occurs because the Order2Go gets incorrect trading hours for CFDs.
  2. An issue with frequent unnecessary updates of MMR. The problem causes over-usage of the CPU for users who have dozens of accounts with 3-level margin.
  3. An issue with zero PointSize after receiving instrument updates. The problem occurs on systems with a separate price channel.
To get fixes for all these issues, download the Order2Go release here:
Order2Go Hotfix (see the Order2Go Hotfix section)

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