ForexConnect 1.3.0

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ForexConnect 1.3.0

Postby sunshine » Fri Apr 26, 2013 12:47 pm

ForexConnect API 1.3.0 version has been released.
    Release notes
    Breaking Changes
    1. The Async logout command has been implemented.
    2. The getUsedMargin method in the TradeRow interface now returns Double instead of Integer.
    New Features
    1. A new getQueryDepth method has been added to the O2GTimeframe interface. It allows getting the maximum number of periods (bars) that can be retrieved via market data snapshot (price history) request.
    2. A new row search has been added. It is now possible to search by multiple columns or any of the specified column values. The following methods have been added to the table interfaces:
      • getNextGenericRowByColumnValues,
      • getNextGenericRowByMultiColumnValues.
    3. The O2GSession interface has been extended with a new public getSessionStatus method that allows getting the current session status.
    4. Processing update during the refreshing has been added.
    Other changes
    1. Thread synchronization has been improved.
    2. Summary calculation performance has been improved.
    3. The optional symbol parameter has been added to the value map. It is now possible to specify the name of the symbol in the offer field of the value map to create orders. For example, "EUR/USD". The standard samples set has been extended with the new sample (CreateOrderBySymbol in the non table managers samples), demonstrating this feature.
    4. Handling of session lost during price channel connecting has been added.
    5. Standard samples have been reviewed and improved. Support of command line has been extended.
    • Deadlock in case several sessions are used.
    • Android deadlock on exit.
    • Creating a snapshot request without the table manager.
    • Java wrapper crash on Linux.
    • Segmentation fault for multi-session on Linux/Mac.
    • Crash on Linux if applications use CURL or QT Network.
    • Java access violation if we use a new thread for connecting, and then connect in the main thread.
    • An issue with Stop/Limit assignment after the end of a trading day.

    You can download the release here: Download

    Re: ForexConnect 1.3.0

    Postby sunshine » Fri May 03, 2013 10:06 am

    The Android package has been uploaded.
    You can download the release here: Download.

    Re: ForexConnect 1.3.0

    Postby Gennadiy » Fri Dec 13, 2013 4:55 am

    Note for Linux users: We strongly do not recommend to use OpenJDK with Forex Connect. Because it leads to unstable work of ForexConnect. Instead, we suggest to use ForexConnect with Oracle Java, since their successful interoperability.

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