ForexConnect 1.3.1 beta

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ForexConnect 1.3.1 beta

Postby Gennadiy » Tue Jun 24, 2014 7:52 am

ForexConnect API 1.3.1 beta version has been released.
    Release notes
    New Features
    1. A new method setClosedHistorySize has been added to the O2GTransport interface. It allows setting the number of recent Closed Trades stored in the Closed Trades table. The method getClosedHistorySize that allows getting the value set in setClosedHistorySize has been added as well.
    2. A new Time-In-Force option “Good Till Date” (GTD) has been added. It allows setting the date and time until which the order shall be waiting for execution. The createEntry sample has been updated to show the ability to create entry orders with the Time-In-Force “Good Till Date” (GTD).
    Other changes
    1. All samples wait for the session status “Disconnected” before releasing/disposing the session in case of receiving "SessionLost".
    2. Security of login process has been improved.
    1. The Java crash on Linux after createSession().
    2. The Java crash on Linux after exit().
    3. The issue with Visual Basic samples for the COM version not built.
    4. The crash of the Android sample when an incorrect password is used.
    5. The issue with not receiving updates of Stop/Limit orders for Trades table.
    6. The segmentation fault on Linux after disconnection.
    7. The issue with the method O2GTimeConverter.convert throwing NullPointerException with an empty message if the second parameter is O2GTimeConverterTimeZone.SERVER.
    8. The issue with C++ samples for Linux not built.
    9. The issue with not updating the Stop/Limit rate for an open position.
    10. The issue with missing onChanged events when Stop/Limit for a position is closed/created/updated.
    11. The issue with empty Stop/Limit fields in TradeRow after attaching Stop/Limit to a position.
    12. The logic of waiting for a response in the C# LockUpdates sample.
    13. The issue with the session release before receiving the session status.
    14. The issue with the memory leak in the getTableManagerByAccount method.
    15. The issue with the incorrect GrossPL value for CFD instruments.
    16. The issue with the memory usage growing after the intensive use of the Internet.
    17. The method setNumberOfReconnections is corrected to properly work with the value of the Number parameter equal to INFINITE_NUMBER_OF_RECONNECTIONS.

    You can download the release here: Download

    Re: ForexConnect 1.3.1 beta

    Postby Gennadiy » Thu Jun 26, 2014 5:39 am

    The Android and iOS versions have been uploaded.
    You can download the release here: Download.

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