ForexConnect API 1.3.2 beta

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ForexConnect API 1.3.2 beta

Postby Gennadiy » Thu Jan 29, 2015 12:49 pm

ForexConnect API 1.3.2 beta version has been released.
    Release notes
    1. To avoid any problems with AppStore new rules ( ForexConnect now supports 64-bit architecture and is built on iOS 8 SDK.
    2. OpenSSL is updated to avoid any problems with the old version.
    3. ForexConnect supports server-side updates concerning the possibility to separate trading and chart sessions. ForexConnect interface was also extended – to support ability to work with chart session in different modes. For this purpose the following methods were implemented in O2GSession interface: setChartSessionMode, getChartSessionStatus, subscribeChartSessionStatus and unsubscribeChartSessionStatus. The new interface O2GChartSessionStatus and the new methods onChartSessionStatusChanged and onChartSessionLoginFailed were implemented. onChartSessionLoginFailed method works just like onSessionStatusChanged and onSessionLoginFailed ( O2GSessionStatus interface) methods except for the chart session.
    4. Some ForexConnect API modules in Android version are loaded dynamically to reduce ForexConnect package size. A new method setTransportModulesPath has been added to the O2GTransport interface for Java. It allows to set the absolute path to the installed ForexConnect API modules to avoid possible issues with dynamic loading.
    1. The issue with creating Market order instead of OpenLimit order.
    2. Overall ForexConnect stability has been improved.

    You can download the release here: Download

    Re: ForexConnect API 1.3.2 beta

    Postby crewshin » Tue Oct 13, 2015 12:44 pm

    Has anyone successfully integrated this into an OSX application?

    Straight from the readme:

    "2) Add liborder2go2 to the list of libraries in the linker options. For example, if you use gcc, the option will be -lorder2go2.
    The path to the directory containing the libraries (e.g. /ForexConnectAPI/lib) can be specified by the -L/ForexConnectAPI/lib option. "

    liborder2go2 is non-existent. Cannot proceed.

    Hey FXCM API Team... maybe consider setting up a simple iOS/OSX cocoapod? If you are going through the effort of making mac API's, why not make it easy to use? All the cool kids are using it now.

    Furthermore, how about some non-dinosaur era REST based API's? Being platform agnostic is nice.
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    Re: ForexConnect API 1.3.2 beta

    Postby Georgiy » Wed Oct 14, 2015 4:41 am

    Hello crewshin,

    liborder2go2 is non-existent. Cannot proceed.

    I have answered in this post:

    Furthermore, how about some non-dinosaur era REST based API's? Being platform agnostic is nice.

    Thank you for your suggestion. It will be added to the development wish-list.
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