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Postby frAnton » Thu Sep 22, 2011 9:55 am

sunshine wrote:Unfortunately I couldn't recreate the issue. Do you always get reject for Sell Market Range orders or in some cases? Which Time-In-Force and amount do you use for the Sell order?

Hi sunshine,

I must be doing something wrong, or there is an issue with the Sell orders..
I use this function:

public void CreateRangeOrder(string sOfferID, string sAccountID, int iAmount, double dRateMin, double dRateMax, string sBuySell)

O2GRequestFactory factory = mSession.getRequestFactory();

O2GValueMap valuemap = factory.createValueMap();
valuemap.setString(O2GRequestParamsEnum.Command, Constants.Commands.CreateOrder);
valuemap.setString(O2GRequestParamsEnum.OrderType, Constants.Order.MarketOpenRange);
valuemap.setString(O2GRequestParamsEnum.AccountID, sAccountID); // The identifier of the account the order should be placed for.
valuemap.setString(O2GRequestParamsEnum.OfferID, sOfferID); // The identifier of the instrument the order should be placed for.
valuemap.setString(O2GRequestParamsEnum.BuySell, sBuySell); // The order direction (Constants.Buy for buy, Constants.Sell for sell).
valuemap.setDouble(O2GRequestParamsEnum.RateMin, dRateMin); // The minimum dRate at which the order can be filled.
valuemap.setDouble(O2GRequestParamsEnum.RateMax, dRateMax); // The maximum dRate at which the order can be filled.
valuemap.setString(O2GRequestParamsEnum.CustomID, "OpenRangeOrder"); // The custom identifier of the order.
valuemap.setInt(O2GRequestParamsEnum.Amount, iAmount);

O2GRequest request = factory.createOrderRequest(valuemap);

Instrument: EUR/USD, Current Rate: 1.34588; Parameters:

sOfferID: 1;
sSAccountId: XXX778;
iAmount: 1000;
dRateMin: 1.34561;
dRateMax: 1.34615;
sBuySell: S;

Returns 'EUR/USD: Your order 85564588 could not be executed (/)'

I always have Sell orders rejected. Buy orders are always executed with no problem.

I am not sure where I can set 'Time-In-Force' though.


Just tested the True Market Open and I did not have no issues opening Sell position with Stop/Loss at all.
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