Store swing high & low value in buffer

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Store swing high & low value in buffer

Postby aryan116 » Mon Jul 16, 2018 11:12 am


I am trying to store highest and lowest values of a wave ( from zig zag) into buffers.

I am then comparing if it is a highest high and highest low from its previous then alert will display that it is an up trend but problem when I compare them I am not getting any alert, I think I am not able to check highest high or lowest low conditions.


For eg. :

Buff_High stores highest value of the trend in the buffer name: Buff_High[i] and Buff_Low store lowest value of the trend in buffer: Buff_Low[i]. Then how to compare this highest or lowest values store in these buffer with just previous stored buffers.

My condition is not working:

if ( (Buff_High[i] > Buff_High[i+1]) && ( Buff_Low[i] > Buff_Low[i+1]) )


Alert ( " It is an up trend");


Please advise how to write correct condition for checking. I have tried to search every thing online but not able find the solution.

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