MACD, super trend and OsMA based strategy

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MACD, super trend and OsMA based strategy

Postby bartwas1 » Tue Oct 30, 2018 10:13 am


I've mistakenly pressed submit on my post, I hope it won't be posted, it wasn't ready.

Anyway I put together a setup that seems quite intriguing - just personal opinion. I hope that some of you find it useful.
It contains following oscillators and indicators: Supertrend indicator (for the current chart 15m - period 10, multiplier 3), Dsma MACD (for the current chart 15m - 24,52,18) and OsMA (time frame 1h - 6,18,5). Remaining ones are simply MAs to depict price channel (for sideways, upwards or downwards price movement) and a colour changing MA set for 1h to show price bias on the higher time frame - it can be Alma (set here at 8) or HMA...
Trading: Alma and OsMA need to show first which way price is likely to move, afterwards channel needs to start angling the same way, next Dsma Macd needs to cross zero line and Supretrend obviously is required to be in alignment as well.
On the chart below (22.30) dark red bars on OsMa suggests that price starts showing upward tendencies, the same happens on dsma MACD, but at first channel remains sideways. When it starts angling up and dsma MACD crosses zero level and Supertrend indicates upward direction it is time to go long... (paying attention to news, time of the day, placing stop etc...)

Good luck,
SuperTrend nrp new format (mtf + arrows + alerts).mq4
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dsma macd.ex4
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osma color (mtf + alerts).mq4
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