Quotes Manager and Price History API 2.7

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Quotes Manager and Price History API 2.7

Postby Alexey.Pechurin » Thu Nov 03, 2016 1:52 am

The new version of Quotes Manager and Price History API 2.7 is available.

This release should be used with ForexConnect API 1.4.1


1. Ability to set the open price candles mode. Methods IQuotesManager::setOpenCandlesMode and IQuotesManager::getOpenCandlesMode are added. These methods are available in all languages.
2. The new installation package PriceHistoryAPI-2.7.0-AnyCPU_PinvokeStatic.exe is added. It contains only .NET 2.0 binaries and does not contain any samples and documentation (it's compatible with general .NET API). Use this package when you need to develop AnyCPU .NET application. Note that AnyCPU build of ForexConnect is required.
3. The new installation package with 32-bit binaries for MacOS is added.

Download link: http://fxcodebase.com/wiki/index.php/Download_Quotes_Manager_and_Price_History_API#Release_2.7
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