June 2011 Release (0.3.x)

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The June 2011 (0.3.x) is the third preview release of the ForexConnect API.


Where To Get?

Please download the release here:

Where is Documentation?

What's New?

  1. Android support is added. You can find the instruction on how to use ForexConnect Java API on Android platform in the article How to Use ForexConnect Android API
  2. JNI wrapper is added.
  3. NET 4.0 wrapper is added.
  4. A trading command for creating OTO orders is added:
    An OTO sample can be found in the samples folder located in the ForexConnectAPI folder:
  5. Trading commands for managing OTO/OCO contingency groups are added:
  6. Price update mode for a session is added. The price update mode defines if price updates should be received. By default they are received. The following methods are added:
    Disabling of price updates receiving can be useful when you have two or more trading sessions.
  7. A trading command for setting the offer subscription status is added: SetSubscriptionStatus
  8. BuyInterest/SellInterest values are now available through IO2GOfferRow and offer updates.
  9. The documentation is updated.

Known Issues

There are stability problems with ForexConnect Java API on Mac.

Update (Version 0.3.1)

  1. Simple samples for Linux are added;
  2. A C++ "Create OTO" sample is added;
  3. The issue with mixed up BuyInterest/SellInterest columns is fixed.

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