What's New in Indicore SDK 3.4.0

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The Release Status

The SDK 3.4.0 is a future version of the indicator core and SDK. This SDK version is used in the next release of FXTS.

See Indicore SDK

The Latest Release

The current latest version of the SDK 3.4 is Indicore SDK 3.4.0 release.

Download SDK 3.4.0

Read the online documentation:

Online Lua Help (English)

Online JavaScript Help (English)

What's New In SDK 3.4.0?

- Some internal improvements.
- Rebuilt with newer C++ runtime (VC 14.0) for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015.
- Console utilities (IndicatorRunner, ConsoleBacktester, Console Optimizer) were moved into separate package Indicore Backtest Utils
- Indicore Backtest Utils are available for Win-32, Win-64, Linux-32, Linux-64 and MacOS-64 platforms.

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