What's New in FXTS 2015-R2-beta1

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The Release Status

The version 2015-R2 is a production release of the FX Trading Station 2.

See FX Trading Station.

The Latest Release

The current latest version of the FXTS 2015-R2 is FXTS 2015-R2 release. This beta1 is an older version.

Download FX Trading Station 2015-R2-beta1

What's New In FXTS 2015-R2-beta1?


The following symbols subscription-related improvements have been implemented in FXTS:

  1. New view Symbol List has been added. This view shows all symbols available to a user. As a matter of convenience, Symbols in the view are divided into categories. Also, to make search for symbols easier, the filter edit box is now located above the symbols tree. You can subscribe to or unsubscribe from symbols using the context menu.
  2. The Symbol Subscription List dialog has been updated. It now has a list of categorized symbols that are available for subscription and a list with already subscribed symbols. You can subscribe to and unsubscribe from symbols using arrow buttons that are located between these lists.
  3. New functionality Watchlist has been added. Its main purpose is to quickly subscribe and unsubscribe sets of symbols via a single user-initiated action as opposed to the current iteration which requires users to subscribe or unsubscribe per symbol. The following watchlist-related commands are now available in the Trading Station:
  • Save Watchlists. Saves the current symbol subscription list.
  • Open Watchlist. Opens a previously saved watchlist; unsubscribes from all existing symbols without open positions and subscribes to all symbols of the selected watchlist.
  • Manage Watchlists. Provides access to all watchlist functionalities available via other windows, allows to delete, import and export previously saved watchlists.


  • TS Backtester and Optimizer now support commissions.

There is a new wizard page where users can set commission types and commission values per instrument. These commissions will be used for simulation. By default, the program uses commissions set in user accounts. For more information, see How to Backtest Strategy.

  • The Weekend data parameter now works with all timeframes from m1 to D1.
  • Strategy templates have been added.

Strategy templates allow saving strategy parameters and quick running new strategies using these parameters. Just like general templates, strategy templates can be both exported and imported. For more information, see Strategy Templates Operations.

  • The Ruler tool can be magnetized to High/Low and Close values just like other tools.
  • FX Trading Station uses Indicore SDK 3.1 and supports strategies and indicators developed using JavaScript.

Please note that by default JavaScript support is disabled. To enable, on Marketscope options, find tab Extension Permissions and select the appropriate check box. JavaScript indicators and strategies may be installed and used as Lua indicators/strategies. They provide almost the same functionality. For more information, see JavaScript and Indicore SDK.

  • Indicators and strategies now support customizable permissions.

Indicators and strategies by default have full access to a user's computer. They can read/write files, access the Windows Registry and execute system calls. It may be potentially dangerous, especially if an indicator or a strategy is received from a non-trusted source or has its code hidden. Now users can set permissions for system operations that may be executed by a strategy/indicator. Permissions may be set individually per profile. By default, all operations are enabled. For more information, see Extension Permissions Options and Extension Permissions.

  • New option Number of displayed events has been added to the Strategy Options category.
  • Symbols in the chart instruments list and in the Create chart dialog have the same order as in the Dealing Rates table.
  • The Marketscope window footer has been removed to free more space for charts.
  • A lot of bugs fixed.

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