What's New in FXTS 2015-R2-beta2

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The Release Status

The version 2015-R2 is a production release of the FX Trading Station 2.

See FX Trading Station.

The Latest Release

The current latest version of the FXTS 2015-R2 is FXTS 2015-R2 release. This beta2 is an older version.

Download FX Trading Station 2015-R2-beta2

What's New In FXTS 2015-R2-beta2?


  • New default layout.
  • Support Simple Dealing Rates Reorder (drag-and-drop in Simple Dealing Rates).
  • Some bugs fixed.


  • New way to define where charts are created. There is no checkbox Create in New Layout in Create Chart and Create View dialogs anymore. Instead, it is defined by new options Create Chart Logic, Create View Logic and Open Chart Logic of the Marketscope General Options category.
  • New option that defines a window where the Open Layout command opens a layout has been added. This option is named Open Layout Logic and it is located in the Marketscope General Options category.
  • Optimization and stability improvements.
  • Some bugs fixed.

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