What's New in Indicore SDK 3.1.0

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The Release Status

The SDK 3.1 is a current version of the indicator core and SDK. This SDK version is used by 2015-R2 and 2016-R1 TS versions.

See Indicore SDK.

The Latest Release

The current latest version of the SDK 3.1 is Indicore SDK 3.1.0 release.

Download SDK 3.1.0

Read the online documentation:

Lua (English)

JavaScript (English)

What's New In SDK 3.1.0?

  • Added file:flush() and file:setvbuf() implementation.
  • Added support of standard modes "*all" and "*line" in file:read().
  • Fixed startup error on "clear" Windows XP without required runtime libraries.

Known Issues

  • The bug with the mathex.correl() function ([1]).
  • The file:flush() still doesn't work correctly.

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