What is ForexConnect API?

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What is ForexConnect API?

This is the new API developed in replacement of Order2Go. The Order2Go architecture was designed seven years ago. A lot of things changed since then and now Order2Go is just too old to be effectively used in modern development environments.

The ForexConnect API is C++/.NET/Java API designed from the scratch. This API provides the highest level of flexibility in API usage. You can work as on the level of business messaging (as in Java Trading API), as well as on the level of Tables (as in Order2Go), but in case you don't need tables, you don't have to run the heavy and resource eating table manager at all!

Bonus: because of such modular structure the application can open as many connections as it can handle.

Supported Platforms

Currently, the API supports Win32, Win64, Linux 32, Linux 64, MacOS, iOS (iPad/iPhone), Android NDK. In future we are going to extend the platform list as wide as possible.

Supported Development Environments

  • Any C++ environment
  • Any environment which supports usage of .NET assemblies
  • Any Java environment

And, yes, COM is not supported anymore. The most of modern environments work well with .NET assemblies, so there is not reason to support COM with all COM's problems and dramatic resource usage. Those who still need COM interface can easily developed COM wrapper using .NET (VB.NET or C#) just in couple of days. One of the variants of implementation is available here.

Current Status

You can download the latest build and find the information about the release here.

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