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Strategy Runner

Postby Konstantin.Toporov » Fri Oct 06, 2017 2:35 pm

The only way to run trading strategies from this forum is to run them in FXCM Trading Station (aka FXTS).
FXTS is pretty much heavy software intended mostly for manual trading and carrying a lot of different functions.
We developed a lightweight console application to run a strategy on dedicated trading connection.
This approach has many advantages:
- strategies are not consuming FXTS resource
- if a strategy is unstable it does not affect FXTS or anything else
- each strategy run in its own process, so they are not share memory with other strategies
- the application has 64 bit edition able to store more historical data than FXTS can allow.
- the application is crossplatform, able to run on Windows and Linux. We are working to run it also on MacOS.

The Strategy Runner comes with the standard set of strategies and indicators.
Users can extend it by copying custom files into indicators/custom and strategies/custom folders inside the application home directory.

There is a page of the product on Wiki.
Also we created a new forum to answer questions and resolve problems.
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