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Indicore SDK 2010-III Release

PostPosted: Fri Jul 16, 2010 2:07 pm
by Nikolay.Gekht
New Release!

The 2010-III release of the Trading Station/Marketscope passed "code freeze" status. The beta-testing will be started in the beginning of the next week. The Indicator development kit is published on the site today. Just follow the regular links at the SDK tab to download the new release of the SDK and read the on-line documentation.

Please note that all new features of the SDK will be supported only in the upcoming release of the Trading Station expected August 6, 2010.

What's new?

Both, Indicators and Strategies

1) A number of new flags for the string parameters. The flags lets you define specified behavior for the parameter, such as: choose account, choose trade, choose order, choose indicator, choose strategy, choose a sound file.


Please pay attention that passing of the indicator or strategy parameter is changed in comparison with the previous version. In the previous version the parameters for the chosen indicator or strategy was passed via instance.custom_parameters field. Now you must get them via parameter:getCustomParameters("ID") call. So, more than one indicator or strategy can be chosen in the parameters right now.

2) Both, indicator and strategies now can get access to the trading tables of the Trading Station application. You can read the most fresh information about offers, orders, trades, summaries using these tables.

Trading Tables documentation

3) Both, indicators and strategies now can set a timer which will activate the indicator (strategy) in the specified interval, regardless whether new price data was received.

host:execute("setTimer", ...)

Indicore SDK 2010-III Release Part II

PostPosted: Fri Jul 16, 2010 2:07 pm
by Nikolay.Gekht

1) The indicator output stream, the levels stream, the lines created via host:execute("drawLine", ...) now can have the line style (solid line, dotted line, dashed line and so on) and width (in pixels). The lines, created using host:execute("drawLine") can also have a tooltip.

output_stream:addLevel()"drawLine", ...)

2) The indicator output stream can have it's own precision settings.


3) The indicator output candle group now can optinally have volume.



3) A table of the default colors is added for easier choice for the default indicator colors.



1) Strategies can trade!


Available trading commands
Documentation on the Orders in the FXCM trading system

2) Strategies can send emails.




1) The lua strategy debugger now provides a complete simulation of the trading commands and tables, so, developers can check how the command is "virtually" executed at every step of the strategy.

2) The lua strategy debugger now have four modes of the price simulation. The basic (Close) mode is exactly the same as debugger worked before, when only the close value of the history is used to simulate a tick. All other modes lets you simulate three ticks per each bar of the history: high-low-close, low-high-close and automatic choice of the HLC/LCH sequence depending on the kind of the current candle (HLC for descending and LHC for ascending).

3) lua strategy debugger now can export the testing log into the csv files.

4) csv files for both debuggers now are completely compatible with the Microsoft Excel.


1) The problem with wrong value of the pipSize() passed to the source of the indicator created from
other indicator is fixed.

2) The problem with adding alternatives to the integer parameter is fixed.