Local vs Server Side (Cloud strategies)

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Local vs Server Side (Cloud strategies)

Postby Konstantin.Toporov » Tue Jan 05, 2016 8:07 pm

FXCM provides Trading Station software with ability to run lua strategies for a long time. So traders can download or write a strategy, import it into Trading Station and finally run as long as Trading Station keeps online.
In 2016 FXCM announces new feature - ability to run strategies in a cloud. The cloud means FXCM provides a dedicated cluster of servers to run customer-generated trading strategies.
This approach has many obvious advantages:
- Strategies run on FXCM servers colocated with the main trading system so all the orders will be executed faster than if they issued by Trading Station

- Trader’s computer should not be kept online or even on - because after a strategy started the Trading Station in needed only to manage it, FXCM cloud takes care about running.

- Trader’s computer resources are not taken by Trading Station executing strategies and can be used for others tasks.

- Power/network failures are least likely inside the FXCM network than on traders computers connected via internet.

- A trader is not bound to a specific computer to run strategy. A strategy can be started from one computer and then can be stopped, changed, paused from another computer or even smartphone.

- Alerts and signals from strategies can be delivered to smartphones via push notification service

FXCM offers Trading Station developer version to run strategies in the cloud as well as mobile Trading Station for Android able to manage cloud strategies.
This feature now open for beta testing and works only on Demo.
So anyone can try this feature without any financial risk.
Also we appreciate any feedback.

You can get more details and download the software from here
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