Awesome Oscillator (AO) (Last upd: Apr, 13 2010)

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Re: Awesome Oscillator (AO) (Last upd: Apr, 13 2010)

Postby vstrelnikov » Tue Oct 25, 2011 5:30 pm

New version "AO_Heat_Map2.lua" with improved performance was added.
Indicator uses different visualization method, so I add it as a separate indicator.
Please use it with newer versions of platform.
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Re: Awesome Oscillator (AO) (Last upd: Apr, 13 2010)

Postby Coondawg71 » Fri Sep 19, 2014 5:40 am

Can we please request an amendment to the Awesome Oscillator indicator.

I would like to plot a Signal line which is a moving average of the difference between Slow and Fast Lengths. Signal line would be created using "Averages Indicator" assortment of moving averages depending on user preference. Ideally the Signal line would change color when slope changes just like Averages Indicator.

calculation for Signal line : (Slow length-Fast length)/2

example of settings: Awesome Oscillator with Signal Slow=30, Fast=4, Signal=13

This Signal line serves the purpose of highlighting 1.) heavy price action pressure created when gap is created between AO slope change and Signal line 2.) Identify tops/bottoms of waves when AO slope change and Signal line slope change converge. 3.) Divergence between overall slope trend and singular price bar.

I would also like an Alert function added to this amendment. Alert function would be based solely on Signal line slope change.

((Question to development team: Is it possible for Alert to be created when AO histogram value CROSSES Signal line value?))

Please see attached image for illustration pertaining to this request.


fxcm AO signal request.png
Awesome Oscillator Signal line with Averages request
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