DNC and MACD strategy

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DNC and MACD strategy

Postby chai88888 » Wed Oct 18, 2023 9:37 pm


can you please make me a strategy base on two indicators
1 is the donchain channel DNC 2 is the MACD which is only use the red line

here are the 2 rules for the strategy
by the way it is a counter trend strategy
so buy only

first if the price breaks the bottom line of the
donchain channel that's the confirmation

second then wait for the MACD red cross ABOVE the zero line that's the only time to open a buy trade

if the MACD red line goes below zero line and goes above again Above zero line DONT put a buy trade
only open a buy trade again IF the Bottom line of the donchain channel Breaks and wait again for the MACD red line cross ABOVE the zero line.

sell if the TOP DNC breaks wait for the MACD red line cross BELOW zero line
do not open other trade if the DNC line does not breaks

Summary price breaks the TOP or Bottom line of the Donchain channel wait for the MACD red line cross the ZERO line open a trade

picture for reference

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Re: DNC and MACD strategy

Postby Apprentice » Sat Oct 21, 2023 9:14 am

We have added your request to the development list.
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