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How you can contribute

Postby Apprentice » Mon May 25, 2020 7:17 am

There are several ways you can support our work.

By donating.

By volunteering

Report Indicator, Strategy, or FXCM Trading Station / Marketscope bugs and issues.

Proposing functionalities you want to see in future versions of FXCM Trading Station / Marketscope.

Proposing content you want to see in the Fxcodebase from now onward.

Following one of the social networks, we are present on.

This forum is a part of the customers' satisfaction initiative. The most valuable result for us is when you feel that your experience with the Trading Station can only be described as "excellent".

So, if you like what we do, just do not hesitate to tell us about it. For example, often, we spot requests on various forums for custom indicators for the Trading Station. When you see such a request, please take a minute to give a reference to our site. In short, do not hesitate to tell people about us. It will be the best support for our site and the best reward for our work.

Spread the word about the site and what we are doing here.

Thanks in advance,
fxcodebase team.
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Re: How you can contribute

Postby Cactus » Tue May 26, 2020 9:29 pm

I just want to say I think this forum is simply the best!
And I hope fxcodebase will get updated and continue to last forever.
It is an amazing resource for knowledge/software/tools/indicators/strategies in .lua for TS and the wiki documentation for Indicore SDK, etc. But also more recently for Python wrapper of forexconnect API.
I think the quality and value you provide is exceptional, and all helps for traders to make better use of the trading platform. I believe in automated trading and almost everything can be automated with your help. I have learnt much programming methods with your code as examples and some of it is timeless and will continue to work until end of time.

Thank you so much for your hard work.

Long live fxcodebase!
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