Bollinger lows

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Re: Bollinger lows

Postby TLBshifted » Fri Sep 16, 2022 4:43 am

Thanks Apprentice
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Re: Bollinger lows

Postby bartwas1 » Wed Sep 28, 2022 4:08 am


I like this bollinger lows indicator, so I have built a strategy. I'm testing it with momentum indicator and two slope indicators and other useful stuff. See below.
The strategy is very simple - alignment between slope indicators, momentum and bollinger lows.
For short trades set up is as follows:
1. slopes are angling down - red colour on the chart (slow and fast)
settings: fast 22, slow 70
2. momentum falls below zero
settings: 10,14,20, here used only 20 for smoothing
3. bollinger lows is above entry price
settings as in original build by Apprentice.
Obviously long trades are the opposite. Slopes need to be facing up (colour green both), momentum goes above zero and bollinger lows indicator is below an entry price.
Last thing is a filter - MACD with standard settings 12,26,9 on current chart or a higher time frame (with ratio 1:3 or 1:4 meaning 5m to 15m or 15m to 1h). There are two options for filtering the price and making the entry more reliable. Settings for higher time frame are different - 6, 13 and 5. My preference is naturally higher time frame.
MACD filter is to prevent some price turns and twist before choosing direction. Filter works as follows - MACD line (red on the chart) needs to be above signal line (navy blue) and going above zero level for long trading zone and if MACD line goes below signal line and zero level then it indicates short zone.
Beware of sideways market!
Don't forget about stop orders!
Charts (5m and 15m) below illustrate how this strategy looks with MACD set for higher frame. There some other elements, but not used in the strategy.
Testing now.
NAS100 m5 (09-28-2022 0945).png
NAS100 m15 (09-28-2022 1005).png
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